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Vehicle Asset Investments

It is now widely accepted by high net worth individuals and investment specialists not to mention institutions that rare or collectors cars whether classic or new should be part of a well informed investment portfolio. Even as the World has been in financial turmoil since 2008 there have been more launches of supercars or limited edition vehicles from brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini etc in the last 8 years than in the previous 8 all selling out instantly and or achieving premiums on top of its manufacturers price. This means cars such as Ferrari’s F70 La Ferrari and 458 Aperta with limited edition runs of only 499 are changing hands before delivery at twice their original price and still continuing to rise. This in turn has seen prices of the earlier F series models rise also, including the F40, F50 and Enzo F60 not to mention discussions already starting with buyers for the new F80 due out in 2017/18. This attention means models that Ferrari have built in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s getting a lot more interest with prices rising 7-10% a year for low mileage mint examples for the entry level investor.

GT Auto with its connections and partners with 30 years experience in this market are working to develop these bespoke collections for clients here in the UK and in Norway. The art being able to identify the next appreciating asset vehicle and securing their clients the best low mileage, mint condition desirable examples. This way our clients get to enjoy the benefits of such acquisitions in the knowledge that instead of a vehicle losing money as usual, their investment is appreciating in value and rarity along with the pride of ownership. This level of investment can now be likened to that of Art, Wine or even stocks and shares but in this case something that can be used and appreciated on occasions with the knowledge you own a piece of automotive history with its own story to tell.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Enzo Ferrari

Whether you are a Ferrari enthusiast or a Porsche fan each collection can be built around the theme the client wishes and the space they wish it to occupy in their home.

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Collection Examples

In our opinion a collection is not based on how much money it will cost but on the quality and rarity of the cars within it not to mention the return or growth of the investment. Each vehicle will be selected for the client based on his or hers initial budget to start the collection  ( usually around 3 vehicles to start ) and what theme they wish, whether Ferrari, Porsche etc or a combination. Also where the collection is to be kept or shown (storage can be provided) and how much driving use they wish of it on those days that befit the ownership of such cars. Once a client starts this process we will be able to advise future sales, service and acquisitions to the collection to ensure growth not only in the number of vehicles but when to look to sell if they wish their collection to be active for sale for profit.

The following examples show some groups of cars that are currently climbing in value year on year and the cost or investment level for each initial group. Whilst these are library pictures all these cars can be supplied from our network of existing collections and partners.


Ferrari Collection £400,000-£500,000 Investment ( approx )Rosso

86_Ferrari-Testarossa-DV-13-PVGP_05 Ferrari 550 Maranello 1997 (18) Ferrari_599_GTB_Fiorano_4 B6A4930

Ferrari Collection £400,000-£500,000 Investment ( approx )Nero

testarossa-ferrari-black 0 2011-ferrari-599-gtb-fior-2_600x0w 3051_p2_l

Porsche Collection £300,000-£500,000 Investment ( approx )

porsche-porsche-993-carrera-2s porsche-porsche-930-turbo porsche-porsche-964-rs porsche-porsche-993-rs