Ducati are one of the World’s premier motorcycle manufacturers and like their Italian car building counterparts Ferrari certain ground breaking or limited edition motorcycles are becoming highly collectable.

Given Norway has never seen these bikes or in very limited numbers from new GT AUTO have many connections to locate the best examples for collectors. Even if not being riden they make amazing show pieces in homes as even the most famous Superbike Champion of all time Carl Fogarty has a Ducati in his hall way.

Ducati Top 10 Motorcycles, 888 SP2, 888 SP3, 888 SP4, 888 SP5, Foggy Rep 996 SPS, 996 SPS, 998 R, 999 R, 1098 R, Desmo

Please feel free to contact us to discuss further as this makes an excellent collection potential for growth and easy presentation.

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